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ID 1103532
item_title (IT) CRM Consultant Dynamics 365
item_link http://www.jobserve.com/de/en/RCBBCF862883B004867.jsap
Rate: 400-500 per Day   Location: London/Cambridge   

S&S currently have an associate position for a CRM Consultant specialised in Dynamics 365. We are looking for an all-rounded, someone well versed with the technology and comfortable taking requirements from the business. You will be working on developing the system to ensure that they are getting as much out of this as possible while keeping customisation to a minimum to make this easier to look after in future. Skillset/experience: - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online - Microsoft Dynamics Design, Development, Data Management and Integration - Forms, Workflows, Dashboards, Views - Data Warehousing & Cloud/Security knowledge (Azure) - Excellent communication skills This is a fast moving opportunity if interested please apply for more information.
Rate:400-500 per Day
Contact:Ines Vento
Advertiser:Sullivan & Stanley
guid http://www.jobserve.com/de/en/RCBBCF862883B004867.jsap
item_pubdate 11/03/2019
isExternal True
JobFeedType crm

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