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ID 1104655
item_title SQL DBA
item_link https://www.cwjobs.co.uk/job/85580765
item_desc SQL DBA required for a Gloucestershire based financial services provider. The main responsibilities for this role are: Responsible for the support and development of an automated backup, restore and verification process for all critical databases. Responsible for ensuring availability and performance of the databases that support the system Work to ensure that the associated hardware resources allocated to the databases and to ensure high resilience and performance tuning. Work with application support teams to identify issues and resolve. To proactively monitor the database systems to ensure secure services with minimum downtime Responsible for providing trend analysis to management team to enable them to make informed decisions regarding resource management Responsible for troubleshooting and problem solving of SQL Providing SME technical expertise around SQL Server to other technical stakeholders. Responsible for improvement and maintenance of the databases to include rollout and upgrades Responsible for implementation and release of database changes according to agreed timescales and costs The required skills and experience for this role are: Advanced knowledge of SQL Server and associated products in both a transactional and data warehouse environment (versions 2008 R2 - 2017). Experience of working as a DBA in a high-pressure production business critical ...
guid https://www.cwjobs.co.uk/job/85580765
item_pubdate 06/03/2019
isExternal True
JobFeedType sql

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